Plant Details

Rec. No. Capacity PackedColumns Height / mtr. Packing Type Agitator Condensors
R1 7.5 kl 17 mtr Sulzer Packgings
& Sheet Metal
Turbine 45m2
R2 7.5 kl 14 mtr Anchor 35m2
R3 5 kl 14 mtr Turbine 45m2
R4 7.5 kl 17 mtr Anchor 45m2
R5 1.2 kl 8 mtr Anchor 25m2


  • Various kettle sizes from 1.2 KL to 7.5 KL
  • Specially designed Agitators to handle even highly viscous materials
  • Stirrer rotation RPM up to 90 , ideal for fine crystallization
  • All kettles have double mechanical seals for high temperature and high vacuum distillation.
  • Double start limpet coils used for heating and cooling respectively
  • MOC of all distillation reactors is SS316L


  • (300 TR) “Paharpur” make cooling tower
  • The cooling tower is placed at 100 feet height
  • Highly efficient cooling as the wind velocity at 100 feet height is more
  • The pumping capacity required is less as the cooling tower is placed exactly above the condensers resulting in very less head required for pumping
  • As the cooling tower placed above the condensers in case of power failure the condensers are filled with water from the cooling tower basin by gravity resulting in no vapor loss.
  • Upto 4pass shell and tube type fully SS316L condensers and product coolers provide efficient cooling


  • Meticulously designed columns can handle high vapor load at the same time provides high separation
  • Column packed height up to 17 Mtr – Diameter up to 600 mm
  • Suzler make wire gauge and sheet metal packing’s with appropriate internals provide upto 65 Theoretical stages and very less pressure drop
  • Separate 8 Mtr packed height column for high vacuum fractional distillation
  • Tongue & groove flange in all column joints provides precise alignment and very less vacuum leakage.
  • Temperature & pressure monitoring on all sections of column

Material Storage Facility



  • Ample space for storage of filled and empty drums
  • Fork lift facility for loading and unloading of drums

Storage Facility

  • 04 nos – 35 KL MS Storage tanks
  • 02 nos – 20 KL MS Storage tanks


  • 10 Lakh K/Cal ph Thermo pack
  • P.N.G as Fuel
  • Outlet temperature up to 280°C


  • 3 water jet Ejectors for vacuum up to – 690 mm Hg
  • 1 graphite three stage steam jet ejector for high vacuum up to 1 to 2 (Torr)


  • 160 KVA silent DG set which twice the capacity of present requirement


  • The plant has rooftop garden & is surrounded by plantations in the production area and also in the surroundings, the second garden at entrance between 2 gates make the environ pleasant
  • And we have mini garden system within the plant which gives the plant its own green space


  • 18 Inch sparkler filter with 15 plates
  • 24 Inch sparkler filter with 15 plates
  • MOC SS 304

Air Compressor

  • Pressure 12.3 kg per
  • Flow – 63.5 C.F.M